About Cindy Vasko

I was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and reside in the Washington D.C. metropolitan bounds of Arlington, Virginia.  Although I shoot everything, including events, landscapes, nature, concerts, architecture, and travel, my photographic passion rests within the genre of urban exploration, also known as abandoned site exploration.

In 2009, music was the catalyst that prompted a reawakening of my photographic journey. For more than four years, I interviewed musicians, wrote articles and photographed concerts for Broken Records Magazine. For fifteen years, I was the Publications Manager for a large construction law firm in Northern Virginia, and before this, I was an Advertising Director for a large corporation. In addition to holding a Master’s Degree, I pursued studies in the University of Maryland’s Doctoral Program for a decade, but now I am devoting my efforts to photography, with a preference toward urban exploration pursuits.

In 2012, I stumbled upon an urban exploration photograph of an abandoned asylum.  My visceral reaction to a long-forsaken brick corridor lined with broken windows and mature vines claiming ownership of the passageway prompted an immediate shift in the motion of my photographic endeavors.  I felt an instant pull to discover and document, by way of photography, the soul of abandoned sites.  My love of history, research, and writing complement my urban exploration photography track.

Several of my images, especially my urban exploration works, were recipients of photography awards and were presented at many art gallery exhibitions, including galleries in New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Paris France’s Louvre Museum. My photographs have appeared in and were the feature of many domestic and international articles.

I am the author and photographer of eight books about urban exploration.  Abandoned New York, Abandoned Maryland – Lost Legacies, and Abandoned Western Pennsylvania – Separation From A Proud Heritage, and Abandoned Catskills – Deserted Playgrounds and  Abandoned Southern New Jersey – A Bounty of Oddities are available now, and published by Arcadia and Fonthill Media’s America Through Time. Abandoned Northern New Jersey – Homage to Lost Dreams, Abandoned Eastern Pennsylvania – Remnants of History, and Abandoned West Virginia – Crumbling Vignettes are works in progress with releases in 2020.